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Looking for answers and solutions about diversity, leadership and communication in the workplace?

If you…

  • Are a leader in a forward-thinking organization.
  • Need to solve a pressing problem or go from good to great – either as a leader, team, or entire organization.
  • Need help with communication, decision making, interpersonal relationships or other leadership skills.
  • Need help with hiring and promoting the best talent, employee engagement, productivity and performance, customer satisfaction, brand reputation, increasing revenue or reducing costs.
  • Understand that diversity is now a given, but you don’t know what to do next and you don’t like “old school” diversity approaches.

cultural diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Then you’re ready for the “new school” approach to leadership, teamwork and effective communication!  As technology takes over more and more basic tasks, excellent social skills are increasingly crucial to professional success. The globe is shrinking and here in the U.S. we’re becoming more racially, linguistically and culturally diverse. Functioning effectively and comfortably with people different from us is now a “must have” at work.

My team and I help people like you navigate this new reality and adapt. Through world-class training, coaching, consulting and facilitation, we provide leaders and organizations with cutting edge knowledge and skills to become more aware of what’s truly driving them and choose more effective behaviors. I help leaders and organizations solve a pressing problem or go from good to great through the power of inclusive leadership and effective communication.  Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is about getting out of each other’s way…and getting out of our own way.

My four-step approach gets results

I’m not an off-the-shelf, check-the-box training and consulting firm. I work with corporate, nonprofit and healthcare leaders who are committed to either (1) solving a pressing problem, or (2) taking results from good to great. These leaders recognize the need for an accomplished professional to help them clarify the “what” and the “why” – then create and execute the “how.” No matter who we work with, we follow the following four-step process (ARDE):

  • Assessment (identifying where you are and where you want to go)
  • Recommendations (what you originally requested may not be what you need)
  • Delivery (a selection of comprehensive solutions – such as training, coaching, facilitation and/or changes to your processes, systems, or policies – or referral to a partner who’s a better fit)
  • Evaluation (assessing impact and return on your investment)

Learn more about my four-step process. Read clients’ rave reviews and full service descriptions for more details.

How do we measure results?

Depending on your goals, improvements in any of the following areas can show high DROI (diversity return on investment):

  • Job-critical Awareness, Knowledge and Skills
  • Interpersonal Behaviors and Decision-Making (especially among leaders)
  • Talent (identifying, attracting, hiring, developing and promoting the best)
  • Employee Engagement and Morale
  • Productivity and Performance
  • Customer or Client Satisfaction
  • Community Engagement and Brand Reputation
  • Innovation and Problem Solving
  • Revenue, Profit or Savings

A seasoned professional with a unique cultural diversity and inclusion skill set

cultural diversity and inclusion in the workplaceI make learning and talking about difficult topics interesting, purposeful and even fun! I’m known for building trust quickly and infusing clarity and humor into even difficult conversations. I bring 25 years of experience and a unique skill set to the diversity and inclusion (“D&I”) field including:

  • A rare combination of big picture, holistic thinking and precise attention to detail
  • Personal experience as a manager and internal organizational D&I leader
  • Certification as a Professional Coach and mediator
  • Strong knowledge of Organizational Development and Process Improvement
  • Full fluency in two languages (Spanish is the other)
  • Extensive experience working, living and traveling abroad

Read my bio for more details on my unique and extensive background.

My core values drive clients’ success

I believe every person on earth possesses a unique set of gifts. Identifying and using our gifts not only makes us happier, healthier individuals, it also allows us to contribute to the greater good of those around us, solve problems and amplify our collective brilliance. Read more about our vision, mission and core values. Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is about getting out of each other’s way…and getting out of our own way.

You’re in competent, caring hands. Contact me today to explore solutions!