Why Passion and Caring Aren’t Enough to Drive Diversity Efforts

A recent posting for a diversity-related job in a medium-sized organization included an all-too-common phrase in its description of the ideal candidate: “Must have a passion for diversity.” Aside from “passion” and a few years of experience, the description said little else of substance about the ideal candidate’s qualifications. I could already tell the organization…

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8 Tips for Other Women Trolled By Men

I’m a woman. I’m smart. I say what I think. Out loud. In public. I am, therefore, a target for trolls – especially angry, fearful men. I’m also not alone. Everywhere I look online, men seem to be trolling us more than women. In the four years I’ve been publishing pieces in the digital age, all but one of…

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Reflections of an Accidental Entrepreneur (On Reaching a Milestone)

Ten years ago, if you’d told me I would one day be an entrepreneur or a business woman, I would’ve cringed. Either term sparked mild revulsion in me, even when applied to someone else. I never thought I’d one day claim both labels, and do so with pride. I’m an accidental entrepreneur. As a child,…

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12 Reasons Ending Racism is Good for White People

It’s a familiar bleeding-heart refrain sung in support of liberal initiatives, or to push back on conservatives: “Millions will suffer/are suffering! We can’t let this happen!” Lately we’re singing it a lot in response to hot topics like police shootings, poverty, the GOP’s proposed healthcare bill, and DeVos’s education budget. I was particularly struck by…

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The Dirty Secret of Racism: It Hurts White People Too

Imagine you work hard your whole life: at school, work and home.  You win some and you lose some, and at times it feels like there’s more losing than winning.  Life’s not easy, but you hang in there and follow most of the rules.  Some people are less kind than others, and your interactions with…

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