The Dirty Secret of Racism: It Hurts White People Too

Imagine you work hard your whole life: at school, work and home.  You win some and you lose some, and at times it feels like there’s more losing than winning.  Life’s not easy, but you hang in there and follow most of the rules.  Some people are less kind than others, and your interactions with…

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Los Angeles 1992: A Personal Reflection on the Riots

Aging is strange. It’s strange to have memories that are decades old – older than the very lives of many people I know, work with and pass on the streets. I’m still getting used to the fact I know things from firsthand experience, not just books or elders. I’m still getting used to my memories…

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Career Mapping – An Innovative Solution to Engaging Diverse Employees

This is a guest piece written in partnership with my colleague and friend, Stan C. Kimer*, the creator of Career Mapping! Over the past several years, discussions on employee engagement and retention have been increasing among organizational leaders.  More and more, they’re asking: “Why is our employee engagement at an all-time low?  Why do our…

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Aligning Intent and Impact for Powerful Diversity and Inclusion Results

Getting crystal clear about your goals and intentions — personally as well as professionally — is the first critical step for diversity and inclusion (D&I) practitioners and champions to have positive impact and obtain powerful results. Once goals and intentions are clear, D&I change agents should take two more crucial steps: Step 1: Go out…

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Clarify Your Goals and Intentions for Powerful Diversity and Inclusion Results

So much potential, energy, talent, time, and money are wasted because we aren’t clear. When it comes to diversity and inclusion in particular, many of us lack clarity about our goals, the impact we want to have, or even our intentions. Sometimes we have clear intentions but no idea how to get there. Sometimes we…

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