TEDxABQ Women Takes Diversity and Inclusion Beyond Gender

Panels and podiums at industry conferences are often filled with White men. Some conference organizers struggle to put together a diverse slate of presenters while others may not even see the value of making the effort. A recent TEDxABQ Women event, held in Albuquerque, N.M this past December, illustrates the benefit of developing a conference…

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The Day After Trayvon: An Open Letter to African Americans from a White Ally

Since I got the news last night about Zimmerman’s “not guilty” verdict, all I can seem to do is clean my house and watch alien invasion movies where puny humans are toyed with and brutally dispatched by more advanced species. Both activities are therapeutic for me when I’m angry about injustice, but now I turn…

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Tips for Good White People*: “How come they can say n—-r to each other, but I can’t say it?”

The recent uproar over popular southern food queen Paula Deen’s admitted use of the word “nigger” (yes, let’s trying saying it out loud — calling it “the N-word” doesn’t necessarily make it less painful or less powerful) has revived a common point of contention or confusion among White people: How come Paula Deen or I…

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The Greatest Threat to D&I: Binary Thinking

One of the most sinister and ongoing threats to D&I progress may not be what you think. It’s not lack of funding, lack of senior leadership buy-in, discrimination, hate groups or a particular political party. It’s binary thinking. Binary thinking is a way of organizing thoughts, and seeing the world, as either-or; either one thing…

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A New Conversation about Diversity…That Gets Results!

Would you like to talk about diversity? How about race? Social determinants of health? In some arenas like social justice and public health, these are usually not just safe topics, but ones we want to dive right into, head first! But how do you find others outside of these arenas react to topics like “diversity”…

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