Guilt is good, Shame is not!

One of the reasons I believe the “diversity conversation” hasn’t gotten farther in the last 30 years is fear. I believe that fear comes from people’s negative experiences in the past with “diversity conversations”, and from anticipating negative experiences in the future if we find ourselves having those conversations. I’ve noticed that the heart of…

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The World is Changing, But Are We? (my NEW blog on Diversity Executive)

Starting last week, I am now also blogging for Diversity Executive on their Global Workforce channel. Please share this piece, and comment on their website! There’s a shift underway, can you feel it? It’s happening across the United States, and throughout the world.  It’s being talked about in political arenas, in communities, and in families. …

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Waiting for Race

There is an email sitting in my inbox that has the potential to change my life. A few weeks ago I sent my DNA for analysis by one of the more reputable organizations that perform such services, and the link with my results finally arrived. Maybe now my sister and I will – finally –…

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Blog debut! Patient Care Strategies for a Growing Latino/Hispanic Population

Hello and welcome to the first post on my new blog!  Please be sure to click on “Subscribe” (on the right side of this page!) so you don’t miss a single post!  I will be blogging every 1-2 weeks on a variety of topics: practical information and tools (like this post!), reflections on current events,…

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