Love Letter From the Future

Dear 2017, Dear Those Who Are Fearful, Dear Progressives, Dear Evolutionaries, Dear Exhausted Veteran Activists, Dear Energized New Activists, Dear Woke White Folks, Dear Seeking Souls, Dear Confused Minds, Dear Pissed-off Disenfranchised, Dear Bleeding Hearts, It’s going to be OK. It’s not going to be easy. It’s not going to be pretty. It’s going to…

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Diversity and Inclusion Programs Don’t Cause Divisiveness, They Respond to Divisions

When an organization commits to creating a more diverse workforce and inclusive environment, one common criticism is that doing so causes divisiveness and unnecessary friction. This criticism can be expressed directly or it can manifest as an undercurrent of unstated resistance. Similar resistance often shows up in response to conversations about race. It often stems…

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Dismissal of the Women’s March and #BLM Uncovers Why They’re Needed

Mere days have passed since the historic global Women’s March, and one of the topics buzzing around social media is the discontent some non-participants felt about the event. One view is that the march was unnecessary because women have all the rights we need and the only thing stopping us is ourselves. While not surprising,…

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Progressives Must Stand Our Ground and Show Our Teeth


In November, something broke inside me. In the space of thirty days, the election combined with two other profound personal disappointments which sent me reeling. In hindsight, those three events had a lot in common. They were all about the shattering of illusion – seeing people and situations for who they really are, or what…

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“Old School” Diversity Doesn’t Work; “New School” Diversity Does

If 2016 brought us anything, it’s the death of the status quo. If 2016 has taught us anything, it’s that those of us who have a progressive vision for the workplace — and humanity in general — must change our tactics. Evolutionary leaders committed to increasing diversity, equity and inclusiveness in American workplaces aren’t exempt….

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