Six Ideas Progressives Need to Get Clear in a Trump World

This didn’t feel like an election. I’ve voted in elections and weathered their results, for better or worse, for 28 years. This felt more like a relationship breakup, or the death of a loved one. I’ve also weathered those – the shock, betrayal, grief, anger and disorientation. The waves of shifting emotion punctuated by brief…

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Let Go of Perfect and Wear the Safety Pins Already

A week has passed since the election, and there’s been lively debate among progressives about whether or not to wear safety pins.  Initiated by an American living in the UK, the safety pin spread there as a protest against the BREXIT vote and the xenophobia it represented.  On this side of the pond, liberals have…

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Anti-intellectualism Harms “Diversity” Efforts and Our Collective Future

“Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.’ ” ~Isaac Asimov I’ve written that binary thinking – an “either-or” orientation that presents everything as a choice between two opposites –…

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Leading in the Age of Trump and #BlackLivesMatter

With the election just a couple of weeks away, one thing seems certain regardless of the outcome: It’s tough being American right now. Anxieties and tensions are high, and most of us feel threatened by the political rhetoric and what’s at stake, not to mention regular news about police shootings and other violence. As we…

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Reason #5 Why Your Diversity Initiative Is Doomed

Training is a frequent, and often necessary, component of any successful diversity and inclusiveness (D&I) initiative, and hiring an external firm to deliver workshops is often a wise business decision. However, it can easily be a waste of money and the precious time participants spend away from their offices if the partner you select is inadequate or…

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