Let’s Get it Right: Bigotry is Not Racism

The word “racist” is getting a lot of air time lately.  From Donald Trump to Black Lives Matter and the latest police shooting of an unarmed Black man, accusations of racism abound.  But there’s an important distinction missing from these accusations that’s keeping us stuck and stoking anger: bigotry is not racism. In my work…

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Reason #4 Why Your Diversity Initiative Is Doomed

You’ve determined that training is one of your key needs to move D&I (diversity and inclusiveness) forward in your organization and now is the time to start. You’ve identified a training partner who’s a professional with adult learning, training design and facilitation expertise. They are experts in D&I who possess first-hand management experience and a…

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The Problem With Trying to Make “Them” Like “You”

It starts out with good intentions to celebrate diversity, ensure equity and practice inclusive leadership. You implement employee resource groups for historically underrepresented groups like LGBTs, start a mentoring program for women of color, and equip leaders to coach millennials on workplace norms and professionalism. But after a while you revisit your D&I metrics and…

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How I Learned To Love Black People: Confessions Of A Good White Person

I read the title of this piece and feel uneasy. I can already hear the voices of my confused friends, my protesting colleagues and the bigots.  I’m writing it anyway.  More honesty is what’s needed to heal and move forward, and honesty requires courage. On paper I look like a model “Good White Person.” I’ve…

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6 Reasons Why “All Lives Matter” Is Neither Fair Nor Helpful

One week: Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Dallas.  Finally, the number of White people moved to action against racism is reaching a tipping point, yet tired clichés like “violence isn’t the answer” and “we must unite” threaten to keep us stuck.  “All Lives Matter” is perhaps the kindest and least helpful of these clichés, to the…

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