Why I Rock My Greys — Aging Without Apology

I am a 46-year-old woman. Like many middle aged women of my generation – the first to be raised with a nearly unlimited buffet of life options – I’m not ashamed of being 46.  I don’t lie about my age.  I don’t pretend I’m younger.  And I don’t try to hide it. One of the…

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Ever Been Accused of Being an Activist With an Agenda?

Being a change agent is hard. Being an organizational diversity and inclusion change agent can be extra hard because diversity and inclusiveness is often seen as a liberal agenda.  As a former D&I change agent inside an organization, many of whose seniors leaders were not only politically conservative but intellectually and organizationally conservative, I know…

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Anti-LGBT Bills Threaten Real Lives, Based on False Ideas

The Wall Street Journal recently published an eye-catching op-ed from Georgia State Senator William Lignon titled “Why Are Companies Taking Sides Against Religious Liberty?” The Senator expressed confusion and concern over the corporate backlash against his state’s “religious freedom” bill which contributed to Governor Deal’s veto. The questions Lignon raises are worthy of answers, especially…

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‘The 6 C’s’ to Showing Up as a White Ally

Trying to be a good white person can be frustrating, challenging and downright bewildering.  White people have few role models — outside bigots and hate groups — on how to talk about race, behave with people of color, or be a white ally and doing so in the workplace is extra daunting because of the fear of…

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To Assimilate, or Not to Assimilate

I recently had lunch with a dear friend and colleague who used to be my mentee in a former role.  We celebrated his recent professional success, caught him up on mine, and explored next steps after he completes his master’s in public health. The topic of race came up a few times — he is…

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