diversity consultants in Los AngelesSusana is unique among diversity consultants in Los Angeles and beyond.  Her consulting style stands out due to her thorough assessment techniques, diverse expertise, Big Picture systems thinking and an attention to detail, leading to creative, goal-oriented solutions.  Great consultants are known for the great answers they give. We do great consulting and are known for providing new insights that have the potential to lead to breakthroughs in thinking and behavior.

Whether working with an individual, team, department, or entire organization, Susana has a thorough, professional four-step approach which gets to the root of the problem and provides you with tailored, actionable solutions.  She doesn’t provide generic “check the box” or “out of the box” solutions — her ideal clients want to get at the heart of an existing problem or go from good to great. Each client and organization is unique, and therefore so are the solutions.  If you’re looking for diversity consultants in Los Angeles, or around the United States and beyond, Susana Rinderle has solutions to what keeps you up at night.

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Our four-step approach to working with clients:


diversity consultants in Los AngelesSusana (or one of her team) identifies your current state, including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and gaps.  She assesses relevant history and root causes of the current state. Finally, she listens to your desired state, goals, limitations, and available resources.  Assessment may be as simple as an informal one-on-one interview, or as complex as a combination of interviews, observations, surveys, focus groups and document analysis.  Identifying the right problem first is critical to identifying effective solutions.


You receive the results of the assessment, analysis and recommendations for next steps.  Susana may offer additional services to move you forward, or refer you to a partner organization if someone else may be a better fit for meeting your needs.


When you engage Susana Rinderle Consulting, LLC for additional services following assessment and recommendations, delivery may involve one of more of the following: training, individual or executive coaching, group coaching, meeting or process facilitation, teambuilding, strategic planning, conflict engagement or mitigation, creative consulting (subject matter expertise).


Following delivery, Susana works with you to determine what results you obtained, and how well those met your goals and expectations. She also assesses how satisfied you (and your employees) were with the project, and create an action plan for next steps so you can continue building excellence and brilliance!

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