Facilitation is a structured yet flexible results-oriented process, which allows a group or team to communicate effectively to reach specific goals.  The goals may be to solve a problem, gain clarity or understanding, improve communication or relationships, work through conflict, or gain more self-awareness.  An effective facilitator contains, guides, clarifies, teases out, summarizes, and holds the group accountable to agreed-upon goals and guidelines.  The facilitator does not dictate, nor own the process or its result.  Susana is highly effective at creating and maintaining a container in which a group can do its necessary work and get to results, decisions, and relational breakthroughs more efficiently and effectively.  Contact her today to schedule a facilitation session!

Facilitation clients say:

The afternoon [strategic planning] went so well because of what we did in the morning.  The room changed. Attitudes changed.  We were more positive, ready to work, and communicated what we wanted to work on.  I didn’t feel the tension…I am beyond grateful.  It was so well done, and so well worth it!

You are so amazing and professional.  Super effective and warm and endearing.  Thank you for being you!  It takes a special person to do what you do!

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