Susana gets lasting results by getting clients to think and feel differently!

Susana is mature, poised and exudes competence. She is a confident and capable facilitator who brings added value with her knowledge of group dynamics and sensitivity to racial difference. She did a great job holding our group accountable to discussing things in a constructive way. She showed great flexibility in responding to different developments during the day and allowed us to have some challenging discussions.

~ Peter Simonson,

Executive Director, ACLU of New Mexico

I truly agree with your presentation which was very real and applicable. Your introduction of the “feminine values” …resonated as at times some of those values are viewed as weaknesses in men. The thought that the world would be a better place [with them] is without a doubt what is missing in business and life today. Many “wow” moments. Thank you as I could feel the passion throughout your presentation.

~ Pedro Andrade,

Market Manager, Walmart Stores, Inc.

Susana is compelling in terms of method, content, and ability to be nimble. She has a very clear proven approach that she can adapt to what shows up — she knows her stuff but is flexible and thinks on her feet. She practices what she teaches, and she can hear people. She engages people and broadens participation. She is impeccable in her practice, and timely in response to client needs. Very clear and easy to work with!

~ Jenny Metzler,

Executive Director, Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless

The staff at La Vida, to this day, still refer to the training you gave us; it definitely had high-impact for our staff relative to cultural awareness and cultural competence.

~ Ignacio Pérez,

Former COO, La Vida Felicidad, Inc.

Susana served as a speaker coach for TEDxABQWomen…The best way I can describe her role is to call her a verbal acupuncturist. She has a way of getting to the core of an issue and working with it in the most thorough and effective way of almost anyone I know. Her knowledge and passion serves to make others more self-aware, more effective in their work, and more mindful of everyone around them. I am thankful to know her, and look forward to opportunities to work with her in the future.

~ Carrie Williar Lin,

Curator, TEDxABQ Women

I view conflict management in a whole new way now. You diffused me and bought me some time. I shifted from seeing it as “a problem to fix” to “a situation to investigate”!

Coaching client

The afternoon [strategic planning] went so well because of what we did in the morning. The room changed. Attitudes changed. We were more positive, ready to work, and communicated what we wanted to work on. I didn’t feel the tension…I am beyond grateful. It was so well done, and so well worth it!

Facilitation client

You are so amazing and professional. Super effective and warm and endearing. Thank you for being you! It takes a special person to do what you do!

Conflict facilitation participant

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What are workshop participants saying?

I was so jazzed last night after this session … and who comes away from a “mandatory diversity training” with THAT attitude! I did, so much so in fact, I dreamed last night of finding some sort of universal “symbol” and then listening to an entire group of diverse individuals explaining what that symbol meant to them in their cultures. And it wasn’t a nightmare! Good going, Susana!

This is the first diversity training I have been to that kept people engaged and left them feeling energized instead rather than defensive or angry. It really helped people see that diversity is really about differences and that celebrating it is useful in multiple ways.

I don’t want to be cliché, but Susana made me rethink things that I may have already been aware of, but in a different way. She is an incredible facilitator and somehow brought emotions out of me. The way she presented the topics related not only to facilitation and cultural competency, but for me on overall human behavior and respect. I was moved.

She knew what she was talking about and had the knowledge to carry [it] over to the people in the room. She worked the room wonderfully – had everyone on their toes to see what she would bring up next. She talked with us, not to us. Let’s see more of her.

Your simple breakdown of the brain was helpful in terms of thinking about emotional reactions to situations. You were able to incorporate comments that almost monopolized the meeting into interesting commentary, and not let it interrupt the flow. A talent. Very interesting presentation. Thanks!

I really liked the more scientific approach to diversity training as opposed to a lot of the old stuff that keeps being presented over and over.

She approached topics that can be threatening, like privilege, in a non-threatening way. Stressing privilege and bias aren’t bad or someone’s fault helps minds stay open.

Helped me to realize/acknowledge that my qualities are not weaknesses!

I appreciated how this training taught us a skill to use the diversity that we already possess.