The world is changing. There are more humans alive today than the sum of all humans who lived before us. Breathtaking technologies connect us with an unprecedented variety of people, languages, customs, geographies and challenges almost instantly.

The world needs change. Humans haven’t (yet) evolved to effectively manage our caveman instincts in the face of overwhelming modern stimuli and the vast quantity and diversity of humanity. We haven’t (yet) co-created a world that works well for everyone — where every human’s basic needs for safety, health, respect, connection, belonging and purpose are met. We get in each other’s way by communicating in a manner that dims others’ brilliance, excellence and happiness, and by creating institutions and systems that do the same. We also get in our own way by dimming our own light and playing small, fearful or pessimistic.

This is what diversity and inclusion is really about: getting out of the way of each other’s — and our own — brilliance and excellence.

It’s time to change. People everywhere are waking up, getting creative and evolving humanity. I believe everyone has at least one superpower that expresses their unique brilliance.Using superpowers brings the superhero joy and fulfillment, and enriches the lives of others. Yet, superpowers have a shadow side that can be crippling to the superhero if they aren’t properly equipped. The key to creating a better world for everyone is you discovering, honing and using your superpowers for good and learning to overcome your personal kryptonite. Read more!

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