Diversity + inclusiveness = excellence multiplier for the 21st Century

In most organizations today, diversity is a given – or soon will be.  However, diversity is a liability if the culture is not inclusive.  Since diverse, inclusive teams outperform non-diverse and non-inclusive teams, creating an inclusive culture is now a “must have” for any team or organization that cares about performance.  I will help you leverage your strengths to address your weaknesses to gain superior results that matter!

Work with Susana when...
  • You want to attract, engage, promote and leverage the very best talent there is.
  • You want to increase brilliance and excellence in your team or organization – whether in creativity, results, morale or revenue
  • You have a pressing problem to solve, or you need to take your team or organization from good to great in an area that already matters.

Engaging, interactive sessions close your identified gaps in awareness, knowledge and actionable skills for creating an inclusive culture that supports excellence.


Powerful questions, insightful feedback and goal-oriented accountability in a confidential one-on-one partnership improve your effectiveness in creating and leading an inclusive culture.


We help you understand where you are, where you want to go, what the barriers are, and exactly how to create a more inclusive culture that inspires excellence.


Eye opening, dynamic keynote and breakout presentations spark new ideas and behaviors to create an inclusive culture that ignites brilliance and excellence.

Client Comments

Susana has a wealth of knowledge along with her wonderful personality, passion and drive. I believe these qualities, among others she has bode well for any organization needing her services to build a sustainable thriving culture. She is skillful at providing real day-to-day experiences supported by research to help you understand the pain points and a strategy toward a solution.

~ Robert Pierce III,

Managing Partner, 4Ward Prosperity, LLC  

Client Comments

For two years, I was a consultant on two hospital committees Susana led.  She was inspiring, energetic, positive, and effective. When the position of Health Literacy Specialist was created, I decided to apply, partly because it would give me an opportunity to work with and learn from Susana.  She has a vision and passion for equity and diversity that resonated deeply with me. When I was hired, she continued to treat me as a competent professional and trusted colleague, and was impeccably professional at all times.

~ Audrey Riffenburgh, PhD, 

President, Plain Language Works, LLC

Susana Rinderle

Client Comments

Susana is a highly detailed, focused, and perhaps the most inclusive person I have ever met. Her efforts to promote equality and inclusion cut across all boundaries and roadblocks equally.  She would be an asset to any organization that “walks the talk” in regard to closing both customer and employee “gaps” in terms of experience, satisfaction or improving company profile exposure for any type of diversity, equality or inclusion practices.

~ Martin Ethridgehill, MBA, 

Quality Assurance Coordinator, U.S. Forest Service

An inclusive workplace is one that fosters brilliance and excellence.

Susana Rinderle, Diversity & Inclusion consultant, speaker, author and coach.

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Practical Insights into Creating an Inclusive Culture

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