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Are you a diversity champion or changemaker? Are you a minority (woman, person of color, Millennial, LGBT) struggling to bring your best self to work, community and personal life?  Then you have workplace (and life) challenges others don’t!

I coach and train diversity champions, changemakers and leaders to higher levels of professional effectiveness and personal satisfaction.  My coaching clients comes to me with issues related to transition, challenge or stuckness. Through working with me, my clients gain clarity, confidence and direction in a life or work area that matters to them.  I love watching my coachees transform into more empowered, authentic versions of themselves, equipped to also move human evolution by changing the systems around them, or helping others achieve excellence!

A coach facilitates a client’s self-discovery through powerful questions and insightful feedback. Coaching is one of the best ways to (1) identify and hone your strengths, (2) develop your weaknesses, (3) create clear goals and (4) be accountable for taking action.  There’s nothing better than a coach who “gets” you and your unique challenges to provide you the support, safety and self-awareness necessary to get unstuck and step into your brilliance!

Coaching is also a highly effective follow up to my training sessions, allowing participants to practice new skills, work through personal barriers and deepen learning.   Learn more about coaching and my style in my coaching FAQs, learn more about me in my bio, and read on!

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My ideal clients want to…

  • Discover new direction, clarity and movement forward
  • Be more their authentic, best selves
  • Experience greater satisfaction, fulfillment or success
  • Gain confidence to believe in themselves and go bigger
  • Change themselves or their surroundings
  • Have important or difficult conversations
  • Manage overwhelm effectively
  • Shift out of doubt, fear, confusion and indecisiveness

Through working with me, my clients…

diversity and leadership coaching

  • Get unstuck
  • Discover simple methods to boost Self-Confidence
  • Identify and own their Goals, Desires and a Clear Path forward
  • Learn little-known strategies for Overcoming Challenges
  • Learn proven methods to Navigate Change
  • Discover a step-by-step process to make Better Decisions
  • Access a renewed sense of Power and Possibility
  • Create a doable Plan for Action and Accountability

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 Happy clients say:

I’m now leading the way I always envisioned, because of the tools I learned from working with you. My team has gelled and I’m confident in their ability to handle our high-stakes projects while I’m out on leave. I even look forward to our staff meetings!  Before, I was too polite and the team suffered. I used to worry about my every move and what people thought.  Now I’m confident and don’t let bad behavior or my own frustration prevail!  I also own more of the conversation with my boss and take the initiative with my peers in my areas of expertise – even though I’m the youngest leader. You coaching me has benefitted them in ways they’ll never know!

Your keen and supportive conversation has shifted mountains for me! I moved from feeling alone and sorry for myself to ignited and inspired – you are incredible at doing this!  Your ability to see what’s needed to be said in the moment not only provided deep insight but I am now in action and miles away from the struggles I felt.  Instead of pity for myself and ‘being stuck’ I’m determined to fail quickly and not make it mean anything about who I am or my abilities. ~ C.M.

Susana’s coaching has hugely impacted me in my own experience of clarity and authenticity, and amplified my ability to make the impact and create the results I want. She is highly intuitive, graceful in her skills and has a depth of experience, perspective and context to bring to the coaching situation. I highly recommend her as your coach to be better positioned to get the results you care about and are committed to. ~Primitivo Rojas-Cheatham

Susana’s experience enables her to get to the root of the matter quicklywithout you feeling shoved or pushed. She demonstrates superb listening and empathy skills to support your work.  And she is clear that it is the client’s work. I was so happy that she followed up in a timely manner — that helped me keep myself accountable as well. ~Jillian Gonzales

Susana is very knowledgeable, compassionate and works from a social justice lens.  She is also embodied, which I loved.   After working with her, I felt connected to myself, in my body and able to access more of myself.  I was able to write a compassionate and fierce email that was eventually received really well!  ~Laura H.

Susana’s ability to explore one’s perspective and shift focus with resonant metaphors to gain deeper clarity through the call, along with key action questions left me with more value in 30 minutes than other coaching processes I’ve tried. Thank you Susana! You are an ignited leader, supporter and perspective clarifier. I’m making rapid shifts from your process and am now focused on the questions I want to answer in my life. ~Chris Montoya

Recommended! Susana was really personable and professional. She validated my insights and concerns, and was sure I left our conversation with some clear action items. She helped me articulate my concerns in a way that will help me communicate more effectively with my teammates, and identify some next steps that make me feel like my project is more manageable. I no longer feel as isolated knowing she is there to support me and I feel tremendous relief in the clarity I got from our short conversation. ~Nancy Loso

I enjoyed the ease of connection, the depth reached within a short period of time, the open and non-judgemental curiosity, the sense of empowerment I have from very tangible and relevant action steps.  The reflections helped me to see my situation from a higher perspective, not from within my own experience. I have more understanding and empathy for myself, and am more accepting that what I am experiencing is valid and will pass. I am also feeling inspired to be more proactive and take things into my own hands where I have been giving power away. ~Kerstin G.

I felt well listened to and inspired by Susana’s reflections on my current situation and my desires for the future. I appreciate her intuitive, thoughtful and open nature. I look forward to her accompaniment in my process of creating the work life I envision! ~Sue Kuyper

You brought me back to what’s important in a nice way.  You listened, were curious, and were there with me the whole time.  I was mostly judging myself, but I didn’t feel judgment from you.  You’re calm but energetic — a great balance!

Susana Rinderle

Coaching packages (contact me for current pricing and custom packages):

All packages except Quick Fix and specialized packages include: (1) Setting goals and ROI metrics, (2) a personalized Coaching Plan, (3) Creating a Vision, (4) identifying Values and Strengths, (5) Triggers and  Barriers, (6) concrete Action Steps for each session and (7) Celebrating and Evaluating Success.

  • Quick Fix – 1 month, three 45-minute sessions.
  • Silver – 3 months, six 30-minute sessions, Discovery session, VIP dashboard and library.
  • Gold – 3 months, six 45-minute sessions, Discovery session, VIP dashboard and library, PRINT assessment.
  • Gold Plus – Gold package plus one additional add-on*.
  • Platinum – 6 months, 12 45-minute sessions, Discovery session, VIP dashboard and library, PRINT assessment, additional add-on*.
  • Diamond – 6 months, 18 45-minute sessions, Discovery session, VIP dashboard and library, PRINT assessment, additional add-on*.
  • Internal Committee (specialized) –  A whimsical and profound creation, exploration, and dialogue with all aspects of one’s Self to grow resourcefulness, insight and EQ. (1-3 months, three 45-minute sessions)
  • The 6 C’s (specialized) – A personalized development of the critical internal skills of Courage, Consciousness, Curiosity, Compassion, Control and Changeability.  (3 months, Discovery session, six 45-minute sessions)
  • Group Coaching
  • PRINT – Includes written report and 45-minute virtual debrief.
  • Career Map – Includes a 25 minute interview, resume analysis, creation of map, and 10 minute virtual debrief with external practitioner.
  • Strengthscope – Includes written report and 60-90 minute virtual debrief for client with external practitioner.

A Certified Professional Coach

Susana RinderleI am a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) through Leadership that Works’ Accredited Coach Training Program and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF).  According to the 2017 ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study, clients who worked with an ICF Credential-holder were more likely to be satisfied with their coaching experience and recommend coaching to others, and 83% of coaching clients reported that it was important for coaches to hold a credential.  Leadership That Works’ Coaching for Transformation program was an excellent fit for me, since it’s the only major coach training program that includes diversity and social change in its curriculum and core values.  Discerning clients prefer to work with CPCs because we undergo extensive training and evaluation to be certified, and are held to the professional standards of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics.  I’m also an active member of the ICF.   Finally, I’m a licensed practitioner/coach in PRINT®, a breakthrough model of human motivation and behavior that was developed by The Paul Hertz Group.  PRINT® is the best tool I’ve found to help clients understand what they truly want and why, identify their core strengths and weaknesses, and take action to create situations where they thrive.

 Diversity and Leadership Coaching in Organizations

I’m the rare coach that does diversity and leadership coaching.  I specialize in equipping managers to be more effective leading “diverse” reports and teams, and communicating effectively across differences.  I’m also skilled at facilitating excellence and effectiveness in those leading D&I (diversity and inclusiveness) efforts in their organizations, and also in employees or managers who are members of historically marginalized groups like women, people of color and younger professionals. Not only am I a Certified Professional Coach I’ve been there — I’ve lead teams of diverse individuals myself, and headed the D&I initiative at a major state organization.  Read my bio for more information about my background related to diversity and leadership coaching.

Not sure if coaching is right for you or your organization?

Check out these resources to hear how coaching provides a huge return for coachees and organizations:

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