A Modern Approach to Your Diversity Initiative

The “old school” way of doing diversity in organizations doesn’t work.  However, the evidence is clear the “new school” approach yields superior results, even for the bottom line!  

“Doing diversity” – the new-school way – is therefore necessary for organizational success and high performance, yet few leaders understand the real reasons to do it – much less how.  

I will equip you to talk about diversity in a more effective, compelling way; identify your strengths and weaknesses; and create a concrete, actionable plan for success.

Work with Susana when...
  • You’re tired of “old school” approaches to diversity that don’t work. You want measurable, meaningful impact!
  • You want to attract, engage and promote the very best talent, and leverage diverse teams to increase productivity and innovation.
  • You have a pressing problem to solve, or you need to take your team or organization from good to great in an area that already matters.

Engaging, interactive workshops close your identified gaps in awareness, knowledge and actionable skills, equipping you to meet “new school” diversity goals that matter


We help you understand where you are, where you want to go, what the barriers are, and exactly how to reach your diversity goals.


Jaw-dropping, dynamic keynote and breakout presentations spark new ideas and behaviors around diversity and inclusiveness

Client Comments

Susana has been a gem in working with us as we explore and develop a plan around Diversity and Inclusion. She is engaging with all levels of staff and leadership with her leadership and communication style. She is honest, insightful and challenges us to think differently in the right ways. She supported us to see what we do well as an organization while still helping us understand the opportunities we can take advantage of moving forward.

~ Cathryn O’Malley, MBA

Director, Organizational Effectiveness & Transformation, Akron Children’s Hospital

Client Comments

Susana is compelling in terms of method, content, and ability to be nimble. She has a very clear proven approach that she can adapt to what shows up — she knows her stuff but is flexible and thinks on her feet. She practices what she teaches, and she can hear people. She engages people and broadens participation. She is impeccable in her practice, and timely in response to client needs. Very clear and easy to work with!

~ Jenny Metzler,

Executive Director, Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless

Client Comments

Susana was great with our group! We expected hesitation as they are a bit introverted but Susana put them at ease and they participated fabulously! She is a real professional in the area of work and also a delightful and engaging person which is an extra skill that can’t always be assumed.

~ Rev. Laura M. Cheifetz,

Vice President of Church & Public Relations, Presbyterian Publishing Corporation

Start A New Conversation About Diversity…That Gets Results!

Susana Rinderle, Diversity & Inclusion consultant, speaker, author and coach.

Work with Susana -- Start Your Journey to Results!

Practical Insights into Doing Diversity Right

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