Quick Fix - 3 sessions over 1-2 months
5-card – 5 sessions over 3 months or less, 10% discount on add-ons*
3-month+ – 7 sessions (including Discovery) over 3 months, PRINT included, 10% discount on add-ons*
10-card – 10 sessions over 6 months or less, 15% discount on add-ons*
6-month+ – 13 sessions (including Discovery) over 6 months, PRINT included, 15% discount on add-ons*
Max Pak – 21 sessions (including Discovery) over 6 months or less, PRINT included, 18% discount on add-ons*
Internal Committee (specialized) – A whimsical and profound creation, exploration, and dialogue with all aspects of one’s Self to grow resourcefulness, insight and emotional intelligence. (1-3 months, three 45-minute sessions)
The 6 C’s (specialized) – A personalized development of the critical internal skills of Courage, Consciousness, Curiosity, Compassion, Control and Changeability. (3 months, Discovery session, six 45-minute sessions)
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  • PRINT assessment – Includes written report and 45-minute virtual debrief.
  • Career Map – Includes a 25 minute interview, resume analysis, creation of map, and 10 minute virtual debrief with external practitioner.
  • Strengthscope assessment – Includes written report and 60-90 minute virtual debrief for client with external practitioner.