I offer five solutions for workplace coaching:

Executive & Leadership Coaching

“Leadership and Diversity” Coaching

Coaching Skills Training for Leaders

In the workplace, my ideal clients are:

  • Middle managers and frontline supervisors
  • New leaders, or leaders in transition
  • Members of underrepresented groups (women, BIPOC, LGBTQI*, Gen Y and Gen Z immigrants)
  • High potential and early career professionals
  • Changemakers – those striving to improve the world, or their organization
  • Professionals struggling with confidence and/or communication
  • Professionals struggling with stress, anxiety or resilience

I’ve successfully coached individuals at the following levels:

  • Individual contributor/high potential
  • New leader and newly promoted leaders
  • Frontline Supervisor, Team Leader
  • Middle Manager
  • Regional Manager/Director
  • Executive Director
  • Senior Vice President

I’ve successfully coached individuals in the following industries:

  • Nonprofit management
  • Health care
  • Insurance
  • High tech & software
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & gas

Executive & Leadership Coaching

In addition to my 12 years of coaching experience, I bring deep and diverse professional experience to my coaching. I’ve spent 30 years garnering results for my employers and clients across the globe in multiple sectors (nonprofit, corporate, healthcare, education and government). I’m a TEDx Speaker and published in multiple commercial and academic publications. I was the co-founder and first Manager of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for University of New Mexico Hospitals. I was the President of Susana Rinderle Consulting, LLC for 20 years, and a former Principal Consultant for Korn Ferry. (You can read more about me in my bio!)

I’m a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), and a Certified Facilitator of The Resilience Toolkit. According to the latest ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study, clients who worked with an ICF Credential-holder were more likely to be satisfied with their coaching experience and recommend coaching to others, and 83% of coaching clients reported that it was important for coaches to hold a credential. Discerning clients prefer to work with certified and credentialed professional coaches because we undergo extensive training and evaluation to be certified, and are held to the professional standards of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics.


After coaching, my clients report improved team relationships and productivity, greater clarity and confidence, more effective decision making and “leading the way [they] always imagined.” I’m known for being knowledgeable, warm, funny, passionate, impeccable, and having high integrity.


“Leadership and Diversity” Coaching

My first career was in diversity equity and inclusion (DEI), so I also specialize in equipping leaders to be more effective leading “diverse” reports and teams, and more successful communicating effectively across differences. I’m also skilled at facilitating excellence and effectiveness in those changemakers leading DEI efforts in their organizations, and in employees or managers who are members of historically marginalized groups like women, people of color and younger professionals. Not only am I a trained and credentialed coach, I’ve been there myself! I’ve lead diverse teams and headed the DEI initiative at a major state organization. Read my bio for more information about my background related to diversity and leadership coaching.

Team and Group Coaching

New School Diversity and Inclusion TrainingWhen a team or group needs greater clarity, direction or successful execution of a goal, coaching can often help.

There’s a difference between a team and a group. A group is a collection of people who gather around a common topic or interest, with individual goals. Think of a group of employees from different divisions or organizations attending a training class, or think of a group therapy session or 12-step meeting. A team is a collection of people who are aligned and committed to a common goal or purpose, with collective goals for which they are mutually accountable. The goal may be to create something new, fix something broken, or modify something that needs changing. Think of a team of technicians responsible for creating a new product, an executive team responsible for turning around plummeting profits, or a team of HR professionals responsible for updating a set of policies.

There’s also a difference between facilitation and team/group coaching. Facilitators guide a group or team towards their goals in real time, using questions, summarizations, process techniques and effective management of both time and interpersonal dynamics. Team/group coaches guide a group through similar facilitation techniques plus additional tools such as their expertise about a topic or team performance, individual assessment or group diagnostics, or individual coaching sessions to supplement the team coaching.

In both cases, the team or group own the outcomes while the facilitator or coach owns the process. Both are different from training where the trainer possesses superior knowledge and also owns the outcome. While facilitation and group coaching are often a one-time event, team coaching usually takes place over several months, and often leads to individual and team growth beyond the initial goals or surface agenda. Effective team/group coaches are usually excellent facilitators, but facilitators aren’t always effective team coaches.

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Coaching Skills Training for Leaders

Discerning leaders are realizing more every day that a “coach approach” to leading and communicating is far more effective than old-school “command and control” or “seagull” approaches. A trained, experienced coach can guide you, your team, or your organization to greater comfort and skill around curiosity, powerful questions, and equitable communication. Recent research indicates that such an approach has a positive effect on manager-employee relationships and employee engagement.

Not sure if coaching is right for you or your organization?

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If you’re interested in resilience building and stress management, check out my Wellness Warrior offerings!

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Coaching built my confidence that people do want to hear from me and value my opinion, and that doing so makes the company better. You brought insights that hit home in a way that became a permanent part of me, and I have already shared these perspectives with others. This allows me to coach others more effectively! You’re the perfect balance of guiding self-examination, providing direct insights and holding me accountable on actions. I’m proud not only that I achieved my initial goals for coaching, but that I was able to explore additional topics in detail which have made me a more effective leader.

Matt TurnsManager; Planning, Programs & Analytics - Chevron, Global Diversity

I’m now leading the way I always envisioned, because of the tools I learned from working with you. My team has gelled and I’m confident in their ability to handle our high-stakes projects while I’m out on leave. I even look forward to our staff meetings! I now own more of the conversation with my boss and take the initiative with my peers in my areas of expertise – even though I’m the youngest leader. Your coaching me has benefitted them in ways they’ll never know!

Cathryn O’Malley, MBAAdministrative Director, Organizational Effectiveness and Transformation - Akron Children’s Hospital

Your keen and supportive conversation has shifted mountains for me! I moved from feeling alone and sorry for myself to ignited and inspired – you are incredible at doing this! Your ability to see what’s needed to be said in the moment not only provided deep insight but I am now in action and miles away from the struggles I felt. Instead of pity for myself and ‘being stuck’ I’m determined to fail quickly and not make it mean anything about who I am or my abilities.

Chris MontoyaSelf-Discovery, Change & Adult Education Consultant - Catalyst Workshops

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