You’re not bad, you’re not crazy, you’re not alone…

If you’re craving more confidence and clarity, struggling with a tough decision or anxious about an important conversation, you’re in the right place! If you lack direction or meaning, are experiencing transition in work or life, or stuck personally or professionally, I get it! And if you’re a member of a marginalized group (female, BIPOC, LGBTQI*, Gen Y or Gen Z, neurodivergent, or immigrant) struggling with barriers or internal thoughts others don’t…look no further!

My ideal coaching clients want to…

  • Discover new direction, clarity and movement forward
  • Increase confidence, and shift out of fear, doubt, confusion and overwhelm
  • Experience greater purpose, meaning and success
  • Prepare to make an important decision or have a difficult conversation
  • Be more their authentic, best selves

Interested in executive or leadership coaching, “leadership and diversity” coaching, or coaching in your organization? Check out my workplace coaching options!

What makes me different from other coaches?

  • I’m trained, certified and credentialed by an international body governed by a code of ethics.
  • I’m whole brained – strong in both heart (emotional, intuitive, holistic, empathic) and brain (scientific, detail-oriented, practical, analytical).
  • I’m a trauma-informed practitioner.
  • I work on multiple channels – intellectual, emotional, intuitive and somatic (body).
  • I’m a multi-identity person – I’m culturally and linguistically unconventional, neurodivergent, a class migrant, and a multiple minority. I know what it’s like to feel like an alien or an outsider, and bring various lenses to my work
  • I’ve literally been there! I’ve worked in corporations, nonprofits, healthcare, education, local government and the performing arts. I’ve lived and worked across the U.S. and internationally, I’m a fluent Spanish speaker and I was an internal leader and change agent for a 6,000-person organization.
  • I bring 30 years of experience in diversity, equity, inclusion, race and identity, as well as a commitment to social justice and comfort with spirituality and religion.
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Susana’s experience enables her to get to the root of the matter quickly without you feeling shoved or pushed. She demonstrates superb listening and empathy skills to support your work. And she is clear that it is the client’s work. I was so happy that she followed up in a timely manner — that helped me keep myself accountable as well.

Jillian GonzalesManager, Workforce Education and Development TriCore - Reference Laboratories

Susana’s coaching has hugely impacted me in my own experience of clarity and authenticity, and amplified my ability to make the impact and create the results I want. She is highly intuitive, graceful in her skills and has a depth of experience, perspective and context to bring to the coaching situation. I highly recommend her as your coach to be better positioned to get the results you care about and are committed to.

Primitivo Rojas-Cheatham, MPHTraining Manager-Business Operations - BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.

Recommended! Susana was really personable and professional. She validated my insights and concerns and was sure I left our conversation with some clear action items. She helped me articulate my concerns in a way that will help me communicate more effectively with my teammates and identify some next steps that make me feel like my project is more manageable. I no longer feel as isolated knowing she is there to support me, and I feel tremendous relief in the clarity I got from our conversation.

Nancy LosoWellness Program Manager, Writer, Coach

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