According to the International Coach Federation, “Mentor Coaching for an ICF Credential consists of coaching and feedback in a collaborative, appreciative and dialogued process based on an observed or recorded coaching session to increase the coach’s capability in coaching, in alignment with the ICF Core Competencies.”

As a twice-credentialed Associate Certified Coach (ACC) I’m qualified to provide mentor coaching to coaches seeking to complete the ACC credential path. And I love doing it! Mentor coaching combines my love of coaching with my love of teaching, so my mentees benefit from two of my superpowers!

I provide mentor coaching to individuals and groups, and to students of two reputable programs run by women of color:


Here are some rules from the ICF…

  • Mentor coaching should take place over a minimum of three months. This allows the mentee time to integrate the feedback, reflect, practice their skills and grow.
  • At least three of the 10 required mentoring hours must be one-on-one coaching with the mentor.
  • Group coaching may count for a maximum of seven hours towards the mentoring requirement. The group being mentored may not consist of more than 10 participants.

If you’d like to learn more about ICF’s requirements, or read about the Mentor Coach Duties and Responsibilities, visit ICF’s webpage on mentor coaching. You can also use the following links to download the current ICF Core Competencies, ICF Code of Ethics, and view the ICF video series for both.

More about me, your Mentor Coach!

Hi! I’m Susana Rinderle, MA, ACC, and I’m a “Wisdom Coach”! I facilitate self-discovery and meaningful breakthroughs in my clients, who then experience greater confidence, clarity, direction and purpose in work and life. I connect clients with their deep internal wisdom, and with abundant external wisdom – in people, science, the natural world, powerful metaphors and even spirituality. My four innate superpowers are insight, empathy, humor and problem solving.  Descended from a long line of oddballs and creatives, I’m both artist and scientist, and a big picture thinker with an eye for detail!

I’ve spent nearly 30 years garnering meaningful results for my employers and clients across the U.S. and abroad in multiple sectors including nonprofit, corporate, healthcare, education and government. I’m a TEDx Speaker (“Diversity is Necessary for Human Evolution”) and author, published in academic journals, Huffington Post, Workforce Magazine,, Diversity Executive, American Diversity Report and Training Magazine.  For twenty years, I was the President of Susana Rinderle Consulting, LLC, and I’m a former Principal Consultant for Korn Ferry in the leadership development practice. I was the co-founder and first Manager of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for University of New Mexico Hospitals (UNMH). I’m a fluent Spanish speaker, a Los Angeles native, and hold degrees from UCLA and the University of New Mexico.

I offer life coaching and five types of workplace coaching: Individual, Executive/Leadership, “Leadership and Diversity” Coaching, Group or Team Coaching, and Coaching Skills Training for Leaders. My coaching has led to client successes including improved team relationships and productivity, greater clarity and confidence, more effective decision making and “leading the way [they] always imagined.” I’m known among my clients for being knowledgeable, warm, funny, passionate, impeccable, and having high integrity.

You can learn more on my About Me page, and my coaching page.

My Mentor Coaching options include…

  • Group Mentor Coaching: 8 hour-long sessions for a total of 7 mentor coaching hours (the first session is for foundation laying and community building). These sessions will be held at the same day and time for 8 consecutive weeks excluding holidays. Each week we will focus on 1-2 of the 11 ICF Core Competencies. Participants will (1) coach each other, (2) provide self-feedback, (3) offer peer feedback, and (4) receive feedback from me.
  • Individual Mentor Coaching: One-hour sessions, each of which counts towards the one-on-one mentor coaching requirement. In each session, you will (1) identify which competency you want to focus on most, (2) coach me, (3) provide self-feedback, (4) receive feedback from me, and (5) identify your next steps for further development.

Please contact me for current investment levels (pricing)!



Susana is brilliant. I would prefer to have more time with her as my Mentor Coach. Her wisdom and dedication to others is something that cannot be overlooked. Susana, please keep supporting people and community - we all need you!

Joel Rodriguez, EdDWing Human Resources Advisor, Air National Guard

The feedback Susana offered was extremely helpful in my development as a coach. Her style is approachable, yet no nonsense. She also helps you work on the specific areas you deem important.

Chandra West-Alston, EdD, MBAAssociate Vice Chancellor, Human Resources; University of TN Health Science Center

Susana provides a lot of great feedback on various aspects of coaching, from all the non-verbal cues to direct comments. I'm very impressed with her ability to not only provide the scenario and be in the moment as the client, but to catch so many aspects of what I, as the coach, was doing or not doing. That is invaluable feedback and something I've never gained to level of detail and depth in my career. And, while she's doing it, she always finds positive things to highlight, even when my coaching may not have been its best. Even as an experienced organizational leader, Susana kept me on my toes. While our focus was coaching, the feedback and experience I received is something I wish I had received early in my career to help me be a better leader.

Karl-Arne HegewaldVP of Network Infrastructure, Windstream Communications

Susana's mentor coaching provided me with real-world client scenarios, which I felt put my coaching abilities to the test. Her scenarios seemed to authentic that I was easily able to immerse myself into my coaching mindset and put my coaching abilities to the test. I felt that Susana brought a depth of experience, caring, and value to each of our interactions. I think Susana should continue doing exactly what she does, and really lean into her strengths which are empathy, relationship building, and exceptional communication.

Jennifer Bramble, MPAChief People Officer, Chalkbeat

Susana was an excellent mentor coach. The best part of working with her were her candid and specific advice on improvements to my approach to coaching. She was both professional and personable which is consistent with my style.

Julius Green, CPABusiness Fellow, Villanova School of Business

I really liked how Susana celebrates your wins, gives you an opportunity to reflect on what went well/could have been better during the session and provides you with constructive feedback. We connected during each session, and I'm grateful to have received Mentor Coaching from her. Susana, keep helping others achieve their full potential.

Kimberly Washington, MBA, CDPDiversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager; Mississippi Power Company

Susana provided me with just want I needed as a new coach - confidence! I was pretty nervous on our first coach mentoring call and by the third call, I was able to relax, be myself, and make some real progress. She provided very useful dialogue and insight into how I can improve. It was my pleasure to work with her!

Kelly HigginsAir National Guard

I appreciated Susana's mentoring and compassion. She forced me outside my comfort zone and created a safe place for me to grow. She is genuine, honest, and she is very caring, although I struggled with coaching vs mentoring at times, she was able to create a clear picture between the two for me. This was something I needed to see within myself and she helped me see that with compassion, respect, and care. I think she is a credit to the profession. Her mentorship was valuable and meant a lot to me.

Abbas MontoyaHuman Resource Advisor, Colorado Air National Guard

Her feedback was direct and actionable, but also deep and thoughtful. I truly feel I improved as a coach -- so much -- just from her mentoring.

Mel KeplerCoach, Capital Humans

Tremendously supportive environment to learn, grow, try new things. That, paired with her highly attuned feedback, supported me tremendously. I have been coaching for about three years now (mostly untrained) and I felt a pivotal acceleration in my growth as a coach through working with Susana.

Dawn AlbertConsultant, Promise54

Susana provided excellent feedback for me to learn from and grow. She was so professional and experienced!

Dara WeisloCEO & Founder, In-App Kindnesses, LLC

Susana listened to what I felt my challenges were and she played off that so I could grow in that area. And even though I felt each session was difficult, I walked away with a feeling that she helped or provided me with a tool to get past or address what me challenge was. She always ended the session with encouraging words.

Denise ValentiHuman Resource Advisor, United States Air Force

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