Trauma is being talked about a lot these days. This is a step in the right direction. However, “trauma” is still widely misunderstood, and its impact on our lives and workplaces widely underestimated.

“Trauma” is simply “too much, too fast”. It can also be “too much, too soon” or “too much for too long”. It’s also “not enough for too long.” Basically, trauma is what happens inside of us when what happens to us overwhelms our ability to adapt or cope.

Trauma doesn’t just come from one horrible incident in the past. It also comes from ongoing stressors like inhumane workplace cultures, impossible societal expectations, income inequality, racism, eco-anxiety and eco-grief, societal collapse, and global pandemics. Trauma is widespread, common, and deep — including at the top levels of our most well-known global organizations.

Being a trauma-informed coach isn’t a nice-to-have. It’s necessary to fully serve all clients today.

Trauma-informed coaching is better coaching. I can help you build your knowledge, awareness and skills to get there.

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trauma-informed coaching

Trauma-Informed Coaching Webinar Series

In this practical, engaging 3-week workshop*, you will learn:

Week 1: What to Know (90 minute live webinar)

  • What is trauma, really? Who suffers from it?
  • What are the 8 different human responses to stress?
  • What are some of the relevant scientific models and recent discoveries?

Week 2: What to Notice (90 minute live webinar)

  • How does trauma show up in coaching clients’ lives?
  • How does trauma show up during coaching sessions?
  • What does it mean to be a trauma-informed coach?

Week 3: What to Do (90 minute live webinar)

  • How do I apply the 6 principles of trauma-informed care?
  • When should I decline to work with a client?
  • What must I do differently, or better?

In all sessions, you will have the opportunity for reflection, discussion, application, and personal action planning.

Each session will include the teaching of one practice to help you settle your own nervous system, and there will be short optional assignments between sessions.

trauma informed coaching

This course offers 4.5 CCEs

(3.5 in Core Competencies).

** As part of our commitment

to equity and reparations,

scholarships are available

to BIPOC coaches.

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Trauma-Informed Coaching Learning Community (TIC-LC)

The TIC-LC is a unique opportunity for coaches to work closely with me in a small group over six months. It’s a great way to deepen your knowledge about trauma-informed coaching and take your practice to the next level!

While participation in one of my webinars or 3-week Trauma-Informed Coaching course is helpful, no prior experience is required to apply. (But please note, the TIC-LC is not a coach training or certification program for aspiring coaches.)

The TIC-LC involves:

  • Small group (max of 5)
  • 6-month commitment
  • One 90-minute group call per month, which includes:
    • Teaching of self-regulation practices (Resilience Toolkit)
    • Additional learning about trauma and trauma-informed coaching
    • Coaching case review/supervision
  • Approximately 5 CCEs available in Core Competencies (for coaching supervision)

Next cohort: summer 2024

Contact us for current investment levels and more information.

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What people are saying about my workshops

Susana is warm, awake, concise and on-point, compassionate, and great at offering information in an easy-to-understand format. It was easy, comfortable, and enjoyable. I have worked with lots of teachers and facilitators, and being good at your profession doesn't make someone a good teacher.

Sabrina MarieWhole Soul Facilitator and Body Therapist

The best part about this workshop was gaining a greater understanding of trauma and how it shows up. It helped me expand my perspectives about different behaviors - my own and others - that might be related to trauma. Susana consistently modeled the behaviors she recommended to us as coaches and in service to others. She delivered exactly what was promised.

Belinda Madrid TeitelCoach, Founder - Madrid Teitel Associates

As a BIPOC person, Susana actively encouraged my participation in her workshop series by offering it at no financial cost, which was a huge help in me accessing this vitally important and timely information! As a result, I very much look forward to deepening my knowledge of trauma informed coaching for the benefit of my clients and all who I work with in general.

Erica BridgemanTechnical Producer - Pacifica Radio/94.1 KPFA-FM

Susana is not only very knowledgeable about trauma and its impacts, she has a wonderful ability to share her expertise while creating a very safe space for others to contribute and ask questions. While I had a significant professional background in trauma and trauma responses prior to coming into the training, I was able to further enhance my skill set and knowledge through attending Susana's training. I can't think of any feedback to improve this fantastic course.

Melissa Hankins, MD, CPCCEO and Founder - Melissa Hankins Coaching

I really appreciated Susana's expertise, and I also thought it was great how she modeled being trauma-informed while teaching and holding space for the class. I sensed an incredible level of patience, openness, and compassion from her. I learned a lot of new perspectives about trauma that I didn't know before. I thought it was a fantastic investment of my energy, time, and money!

Alina NikishinaCoach & Subconscious Practitioner - Insightful Advisers LLC

I learned so much when I participated in this course earlier this year. Your dedication and insight on the subject matter has supported me in my coaching practice. I would recommend this course to any coach curious about expanding their knowledge!

Bettina JonesMaster Certified Life Coach | Executive Communications Specialist

The #1 benefit I gained from this course? Limiting this to # 1 is challenging. It was a wealth of information regarding trauma-informed coaching shared in a trauma-informed environment. There's nothing I would change.

Jim CartwrightHolistic Life Coach | University Professor | Author

The techniques Susana taught us had a profound effect on the calming of my nervous system. In her course I learned how to recognize the triggers and how to self regulate. The information was well delivered, explained clearly and her teaching style is organized, structured and really user-friendly.

Barbara PellegrinoCEO and Founder - Creative Living Seminars LLC

The best parts of the course were seeing a trauma-informed approach modeled by Susana during the sessions. I found the language Susana uses to be a breath of fresh air and validating of lived experience, really holding space for and normalising our unique experiences. The course was the perfect amount of information to digest within the timeframe, with plenty of pointers for lifelong learning.

Nadia KInclusive Life Coach - United Kingdom

Wow! The presentation you gave us last night still has me rocked. It was the very best talk on trauma I can remembering attending and I am trained in PTSD therapy. I learned profound things that really changed my approach professionally and personally. I doubt that I will ever look at either the same way again. What a relief to know that almost my entire life has been lived as trauma response. It explains every thing. The light is blinding!

Claire Read, PhDTransformational and Breakthrough Systemic Coach - ProSocial Dynamics, LLC

This was my first workshop with Susana and I thought the material and style were spot-on. I very much appreciated Susana's style of communication with the team. The material was very informative and helpful and was presented in a way that generated good conversation within the group.

Deb Mohesky, MBA, MS, ACPEC, BCC, FACHECEO - HealthStar Partners, LLC

I feel like I just barely dipped my toe in the water and want to learn more. I especially appreciated not having to be on camera every second, feeling I could listen while I got myself another cup of tea, etc. I appreciated your demonstration and explanation of trauma-informed presenting, the partner shares, and all the resources.

Kate Doherty, MSOD, PCCLeadership Coach - Doherty West Coaching and Consulting

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