A facilitator helps a group create and maintain a safe container that allows them to accomplish important work or have crucial conversations.  Facilitation is both art and science, and the most effective facilitators are sticklers for detail and clarity, yet also highly emotionally intelligent and agile in responding to whatever shows up in the moment.

I’ve been facilitating groups in English and Spanish for almost 30 years, including board and leadership retreats; difficult conversations about race, gender and power; interactive training sessions; strategic planning and team building. I leverage my training as a mediator, professional coach, organizational development consultant and leadership development specialist to serve my clients, as well as my background in equity, inclusion and racial justice. I’ve studied various facilitation methods and learned from some of the best, including Lee Mun Wah, Marshall Rosenberg and Essential Partners (formerly Public Conversations Project). I’ve been informed by Appreciative Inquiry, Non-violent Communication (NVC), Powerful Non-Defensive Communication (PNDC) and problem-based learning as well as my graduate studies in communication, current and cutting-edge neuroscience and somatics. I’m well-versed in mental health, am certified in Mental Health First Aid and am a trauma-informed practitioner as a Certified Facilitator of The Resilience Toolkit.


I have a reputation for rigorous preparation, situational flexibility, high integrity, keeping groups to agreed-upon schedules and objectives, and “pushing people, but gently”.

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