Susana is mature, poised and exudes competence. She is a confident and capable facilitator who brings added value with her knowledge of group dynamics and sensitivity to racial difference. She did a great job holding our group accountable to discussing things in a constructive way. She showed great flexibility in responding to different developments during the day and allowed us to have some challenging discussions.

Peter SimonsonExecutive Director, ACLU of New Mexico

Susana has been a gem in working with us as we explore and develop a plan around Diversity and Inclusion. She is engaging with all levels of staff and leadership with her leadership and communication style. She is honest, insightful and challenges us to think differently in the right ways. She supported us to see what we do well as an organization while still helping us understand the opportunities we can take advantage of moving forward.

Cathryn O’MalleyMBA, Director, Organizational Effectiveness & Transformation, Akron Children’s Hospital

Susana has a wealth of knowledge along with her wonderful personality, passion and drive. I believe these qualities, among others she has bode well for any organization needing her services to build a sustainable thriving culture. She is skillful at providing real day-to-day experiences supported by research to help you understand the pain points and a strategy toward a solution.

Robert Pierce IIIManaging Partner, 4Ward Prosperity, LLC

Susana is compelling in terms of method, content, and ability to be nimble. She has a very clear proven approach that she can adapt to what shows up — she knows her stuff but is flexible and thinks on her feet. She practices what she teaches, and she can hear people. She engages people and broadens participation. She is impeccable in her practice, and timely in response to client needs. Very clear and easy to work with!

Jenny MetzlerExecutive Director, Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless

Susana was great with our group! We expected hesitation as they are a bit introverted but Susana put them at ease and they participated fabulously! She is a real professional in the area of work and also a delightful and engaging person which is an extra skill that can’t always be assumed.

Rev. Laura M. CheifetzVice President of Church & Public Relations, Presbyterian Publishing Corporation

Susana is a highly detailed, focused, and perhaps the most inclusive person I have ever met. Her efforts to promote equality and inclusion cut across all boundaries and roadblocks equally. She would be an asset to any organization that “walks the talk” in regard to closing both customer and employee “gaps” in terms of experience, satisfaction or improving company profile exposure for any type of diversity, equality or inclusion practices.

Martin Ethridgehill, MBAQuality Assurance Coordinator, U.S. Forest Service

The afternoon strategic planning went so well because of your work with us in the morning. The room changed. Attitudes changed. We were more positive, ready to work, and communicated what we wanted to work on. I didn’t feel the tension — I am beyond grateful! It was so well done, and so well worth it!

Facilitation client