writerAs a Writer, I create essays, poems, videos and articles that infuse my audience’s lives with wisdom, wonder and/or wackiness.

I have been a Word Woman – a Writer – as long as I can remember. I learned to read before kindergarten and started writing stories around fourth grade. My epic sci fi drama was called Space Sercher, and I claimed to have misspelled “searcher” on purpose because I was too ashamed to admit my mistake! I won an award from the Daughters of the American Revolution for an essay, and I started writing poetry around fifth grade.  I was inspired by Phyllis Wheatley (a slave and the first African American author of a book of poetry), and the teacher doubted I wrote the poem myself.

In high school, I wrote for and helped edit the school newspaper and yearbook and published my first poem – in a textbook about gifted kids! I wrote a regular column for The Daily Bruin as an undergraduate at UCLA, and spent several years as a freelance journalist during my twenties. I pitched and published pieces on race, Chicano art, Latinos, Native American culture, health care and my family history in a diversity of publications including Black Diaspora, Latin Style, Interrace, Native Americas, Sacramento News & Review and The Press-Enterprise.

In graduate school I entered the world of academic writing and my research, mostly on Hispanic/Latino identity labels, was published in the Journal of Communication Inquiry, International and Intercultural Communication Annual, The Howard Journal of Communications, The SAGE Handbook of Conflict Communication and Latinos and Latinas in US History and Culture: An Encyclopedia.

Later, as a professional and consultant I was a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, Workforce Magazine and formerly Diversity Executive, and have also published in Training Magazine, American Diversity Report and Diversity Best Practices. I’m currently a regular contributor to TLNT.com and Medium.

My poetry has appeared in the Malpais Review; Snapdragon Journal; Deep Times: A Journal of the Work That Reconnects; Catching Calliope; We Don’t Break, We Burn: Poems of Resilience;  and Fixed & Free Poetry Anthology 2021. You can find more at purplelyrics.org.

Whether you’re interested in soulful poetry, provocative essays about life and the workplace, academic research on racial identity or insights into Chicano-Latino culture in the 1990s, you can find it all here!

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