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LTWAs a Coaching for Transformation student, I’m gaining experience and hours by exchanging coaching with other new coaches in my city in different training programs. These coaches are also part of a larger group which meets monthly for happy hour.

The last time we met, there was a new woman present. I was triggered when she told a story about a nephew who grew up around “Black” kids and was used to hearing them say “the n-word” to each other. One day he called one of them “the n-word” at school and got into major trouble. The adults made a big fuss and forced the boy to apologize.

The woman expressed frustration, outrage and sadness at the injustice of it. I started feeling unsafe, with an “oh no, here we go again!” sensation of dread as her story went where I feared it would—affluent Boomer White woman bemoaning a White child’s victimization by Black children and hypersensitive adults. Read more!

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